Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christ, the Light of the World

Many years ago while on a trip with my parents, I saw the famous painting by Holman Hunt in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The painting, “Christ, the Light of the World,” as you will notice, has no latch on the outside of the door.

While we were viewing the painting, my father did something I have never forgotten. A man was also looking at it and noted out loud that there was no door handle / latch. My father then explained that this was done on purpose by the artist and told him that Holman Hunt had said, when similarly asked, “That’s the way I meant it to be. You see, the door must be opened from the inside."

Then my father spent several minutes witnessing to the man and gave him the plan of salvation. I don't know if the man was saved. But if you are reading this and are wondering how you can open the door of your heart to let Christ into your life and save you from your sins, CLICK HERE.

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