Friday, October 12, 2018

Small Dogs that adapt well to apartment living

A friend recently was walking her BIG dog (not the one shown here) and it suddenly and unexpectedly took off like a flash -- chasing a cat -- and pulling her down.
B A N G   !!!  THUMP  !!!!   P A I N !!!

Hmmm.  This has happened at least twice.  Sigh.

She still loves the dog -- but hopefully is thinking of something smaller (perhaps like the one shown here) to accompany the Big One (for which the walking duties have now been turned over to the husband.)

Today's link is to a list (with photos) of  29 smaller dogs (aka 'lap dogs' / 'apartment dogs')  that she might want to consider.

HERE'S THE LINK to Good Apartment dogs - list

And here is an even longer list of dogs (also with photos)  that do well in apartments and don't require a lot of walking (and sometimes no walking is required) -- that my friend with the humongous dog mentioned above might want to consider

HERE'S THE LINK to more dogs that adapt well to apartment living