Monday, October 8, 2018

Could One Flood Form Many Rock Layers?

All over the earth we repeatedly see rock layers piled high upon each other.

These are especially visible in cuts in the sides of mountains during the building of roads.

Surely you have seen these many times

but usually you give them no thought

or you recall being told by evolutionary thinkers that each individual layer took a million or so years to form.

But is that correct?

And if so, why is there usually no erosion in each layer?

And why do you sometimes see dead trees puncturing many layers?

Could those trees have lived and grown for millions of years if they are standing in 20 or 30 or hundreds or more layers ???

Today's link will give you something to consider about how these layers formed.

Perhaps they are not each millions of years old after all.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Could one flood form many rock layers