Monday, August 14, 2017

New YL Net

What is a YL you ask?  And what is a Net?

Well, those of you who are Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) probably know.

A YL is a "Young Lady" in CW (Morse Code) parlance (though this Net does NOT use Morse Code -- they just talk normally -- so not to worry about Morse Code. )

Also "Young Lady" includes females of all ages from very young, to young, old, older, and oldest.  Once a Licensed Ham a female is a Young Lady forever !

A Net is comprised of a group of Ham people who get together on the Radio for various reasons --

Sometimes the Net is weather related --  Or it might be for Emergency activities --Other times it is a group in a Ham Club who are chatting -- a net can be for any of a number of reasons --

In this instance -- the net is for Licensed YLs of all ages and all levels of Ham experience from Novice to Extra and everything in between.

If you are in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA area, you can hop onto this net using the 442.650 repeater which is located on Signal Mountain in Chattanooga.

It has a + 5000 offset and a tone of 100.

But, if you are far far away and can't 'hit' that repeater -- you can also access it using the EchoLink Node #9058  or the AllStar Node 46077.

This YL Net meets every Monday night at 8 PM  EST

If you are a Licensed Lady Amateur Radio Operator, regardless of where you are located -- please check into the Net and meet other YLs. 

And if /when you check in because you discovered this YL Net through this DIT, please let them know. Thanks.      73 and 33