Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brightest ever Perseid Meteor Shower tonight

Every August for several nights the famous Perseid Meteor Shower occurs.

The nights this year when there should be high rates of 'shooting stars' will be from about August 11 through 13.

But the most intense rate will be tonight, Saturday August 12.

Indeed it has been advertised as probably the brightest Perseid meteor shower ever. Wow.

So if it is not raining or cloudy in your area, get out and take a look.

The website to which we are linking today will give you more details

So with that by way of introduction
HERE'S THE LINK to the Top 10 Perseid Meteor Shower Facts

Also be sure to click through to the perseid meteor shower guide.  It tells you where to look, how long for your eyes to adapt to the dark and more. So

If you miss the click through link while reading the first link, HERE'S THE LINK to the perseid meteor shower guide.