Sunday, July 2, 2017

R.G. Lee Payday Someday

It is Sunday and usually on Sunday we worship with a Hymn

but today instead of a Hymn let's listen to a sermon.

A Sermon? Why?

Well, recently several of us were visiting in a Sunday School Class and the teacher mentioned that he and his wife had been married 50 years ago by Pastor R. G. Lee.

Now that name might be familiar to some of you.

For those for whom it doesn't ring a bell, well

R G Lee was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tn. USA for many many years.

One of his sermons was so famous that he preached it over 1200 times at various pulpits around the world.

The sermon is based on 1 Kings 21 and reveals the sins committed by Ahab and Jezebel -- and God's judgment on all sin.

The message in this sermon makes it clear that all sin has consequences.

Dr. Lee died in 1978 but that sermon lives on and is available on YouTube.

This is such an important sermon and a true classic that we are linking to it today.

So pull up a chair and if you can cast it to your smart TV all the better--

And now with that said

HERE'S THE LINK to Payday Someday by R G Lee