Saturday, August 27, 2016

The inventor of the MRI was a Creationist

While we are on the subject of Medical Innovations (see yesterday's DIT) --

this is a good time to mention a really big time very helpful invention, the MRI.

This well known medical device, the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), was invented by Dr Raymond Damadian.

The book, pictured here, tells about this and about the life of Dr. Damadian PhD.

Though he did not receive the Nobel prize for this invention (although his co-workers did), he was the 'brains' behind the invention and President of MRI manufacturing.

CLICK THIS LINK for important information and the timeline of the development of the MRI -- which confirms that Dr. Damadian was the inventor.

So, Why did he not receive the Nobel Prize along with his co-workers? you ask

Well, perhaps it is because he is a (gasp) Creationist --

and today only Evolutionary Scientists are considered to be 'real' scientists.

For more information about Dr. Damadian's invention and the book. HERE'S THE LINK

And HERE'S A LINK that mentions a few of the many Creationists who are 'real' scientists today.