Saturday, August 20, 2016

More About Air Force One

Yesterday's DIT about Air Force One was short and interesting.

But did you want to know more?

Have you been curious about what the interior looks like --

and what happens in that flying office?

Well, today's DIT will go into great detail.

The video to which we are linking today is an in depth 45 minute documentary produced by National Geographic and posted on youtube.

You may think this sounds like a long time (which is why we are posting this on a Saturday when you might have more time than usual).

But, time will fly (pun intended) when you start watching.  It is really interesting.

Be sure to go 'full screen' for the best effect.

And now, get in a comfortable chair, get some popcorn or other snacks, and enjoy.

HERE'S THE LINK to the world's most powerful aircraft Air Force One