Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Must I Do to be Saved?

There has been an increase in the numbers of tragedies in the past few years --

floods, tornados, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, regional wars, etc.

And with each folks die.

In today's Post Christian culture many people think that death is just death -- life just ends and there are no consequences.

But this is not true.

There are consequences!

Based on a person's relationship to The Lord God Jesus Christ, that person will go either to heaven or to hell at death.

If 'Saved' he or she will go to Heaven for eternity.

And if a person is not 'saved' -- well, you don't want to enter death in that state because you will spend eternity in Hell -- and yes, there is a Hell.

The site to which we are linking today is to a sermon by John R. Rice.

It is long but DO read it because your response will determine your eternal destiny.

You do NOT just 'cease to be'.

HERE'S THE LINK to What must I do to be Saved