Friday, May 6, 2016

The Hindenburg Disaster

Today, May 6, is the sad anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster which occurred in 1937 in Lakehurst,  N.J.

Most readers of today's DIT were not alive at the time of the disaster but have surely heard about it.

The Hindenburg had made many uneventful crossings from Hamburg Germany to Lakehurst -- as well as to other places in the world.

But this trip resulted in tragedy and shocked the world.

No one really knows for sure why it happened though there are many theories and ideas -- most of which are included in the Wikipedia article to which we are linking.

In that article is a short Newsreel video titled "Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead." You will find it on the right hand side of the page a short distance down from the top of the page.  It is definitely worth watching.

To read the detailed article in Wikipedia about the Hindenburg Disaster, HERE'S THE LINK

And, to view a different and longer, 5 minute video of the Hindenburg Disaster HERE'S THE LINK.