Thursday, April 28, 2016


Recently we saw a Possum in the back yard.  It was getting a drink of water from the frog pond and then slowly walked back into a stand of trees.


A friend said Possums are 'good' because, among other things, they eat TICKS.  Yay and hooray for that.  It was nick to know there was a tick eater in the area.

Mentioning this insight to some other folks did not bring such a positive response

 rather -- one related a story of a possum on their back deck. 

And instead of just watching it, the grandsons of this friend went inside, came out with a gun, and tried to get rid of it.

What they did instead was shoot many holes in the deck !!!!


Anyway, all that to say, the topic of Possums had come up -- so off to the internet to learn more.

Our DIT link today is loaded with interesting information about Possums -- and, among other things, they eat more than ticks. 

Bottom line, if you have a Possum in your neighborhood, leave it alone and be happy.

HERE'S THE LINK to interesting info about Possums

And for a shorter version of interesting information about Possums, HERE'S ANOTHER LINK about Possums