Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Did Humans evolve from Ape-like ancestors?

Recently I was chatting with a person who has a Masters Degree from a well known University and who, though now retired, taught Jr. High and High School Science courses for years and years.

This person stated, as we discussed the genealogy of our ancestors, that, as a young child, when she heard that we had descended from apes -- she looked at the pictures of her grandparents and noticed that they did indeed have ape like features (foreheads, etc).

Therefore, this individual believed that man descended from apes, taught this to her students, and still believes this to be true.

But Is that true? 

Did Humans really evolve from Ape-Like ancestors?

This brief article will provide interesting insights to ponder.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Did Humans evolve from Ape-like ancestors