Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flying Car

Yes, yes, folks have invented flying cars before.

And we have posted some from time to time here as a DIT.

The flying car we will see today is truly amazing and much more feasible than most.

It is probably less expensive also.

But, the real purpose of this flying car is not to just joyride --

It was designed and developed by Steve Saint (yes THAT Steve Saint -- the son of the missionary father killed in Ecuador -- you may have seen the movie that was made about the murders).

We mention that because Steve originally conceived the idea to develop a flying car in order to help Missionaries who need emergency evacuations for illness, accidents, etc --  

but are unable to get out because of being in locations that are so far from civilization that without air evacuations, they would die.

This vehicle was designed to help those folks.

This video gives more details and lets you see it in action.

Alas there is a brief commercial and a short lag till the video begins but be patient, it will start and you will be amazed!

So with that said