Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A 1901 Ford

Well, June is here at last

And that means that many folks will be taking vacations.

Some will fly.

Some will take cruises.

But most will likely take a road trip in a Car of some kind.

And speaking of cars -- consider a road trip over 100 years ago in a car that was all the rage back then.

A video of one of the earliest cars was sent to us by a friend of DIT. 

No wonder folks didn't go as far or as often as they do now.

The car in this video was, believe it or not, designed for racing !! But, you readily get the idea that cars for extended road trips still had a long way to go (pun intended).

It is known as the Sweepstakes Ford, which was the introductory Racing Car. (All you race car enthusiasts, here is where it began.)

Anyway, back to the video --Be sure you watch more than just the introduction.

For example -- the way they start the car is a hoot.

If you are an old car enthusiast you will be riveted to this video.  And even if you are not, you fill find it realllllly interesting.  Sooooo

HERE'S THE LINK to a 1901 Ford