Friday, May 9, 2014



What is that?

Well, as explained in the email that accompanied today's Interesting thing:

"Once every three years, there is an international competition in
horticultural sculpture, called "mosaiculture," in a major city in the world. ...

This is not topiary but rather creating sculptures out of living plants.

The greatest horticulturalists in the world, from 20 different countries, submitted plans a year in advance.

Steel armatures were then created to support the works (some 40 feet high); they were then wrapped in steel mesh and filled with dirt and moss and watering hoses.

Then they ordered 3 million plants of different shades of green and brown and tan, and these were grown in greenhouses ….

In late May, these horticulturalists came to Montreal and planted all of their plants in the forms at the Montreal Botanic Gardens, …

There were 50 major sculptures along a path two miles long."

This is awesome.  Check it out.

HERE'S THE LINK to Mosaiculture