Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Massive Ant Colony

 Yesterday's DIT revealed that Ants are very skilled in Networking.

Today's DIT shows structures that they build while using this Networking knowledge.

You are not going to believe this video ! 

Doubtless you have seen ant hills and ants scurrying around in your yard or in a park or wherever -- doing their 'Networking thing' as we now know.

You also know that they build underground colonies.

And you have probably seen those cute narrow little glass 'houses', such as the one pictured here from ehow, where you can watch ants build their little paths and rooms.

Well, indeed they do build colonies and paths and rooms but the one we will see today is bigger than those cute little glass houses.

Now I understand why trying to get rid of the ants in the yard has been a loosing battle.

Scientists tell us that this networking and building all just evolved with no design or Designer in the picture.

Check out this 3 minute 16 second YouTube video. 

Then ask yourself -- is this really the result of chance development of evolution?  

Or is there a Creator God who embedded this knowledge and ability in the ant?

And if you want to know more about How an Ant Colony operates, HERE'S A LINK