Friday, July 26, 2013

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch

While we are on the topic of Rocket Launches ---

You will recall that yesterday the DIT was of a launch to Mars --

Today, we are going to view a Launch of the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket which took place in 1969.

This video is different in that it focuses only on the Launch Pad.

Have you ever wondered what really happens there?

When we see launches on TV or in videos, movies, etc., only a few seconds of the launch take place at the site of the Launch Pad and then zip the rocket is off.

Well, today, thanks to a friend of DIT who found this video,

we can see an amazing slow motion view of what really happens on the Launch pad.

The very few (actually 30) seconds are slowed down into an 8 Minutes 42 seconds video while a Narrator tells us what is happening.

This is pretty amazing.