Monday, June 10, 2013

Beware of Balaam

Awhile back a SS class in Atlanta had a couple of lessons about Balaam.

Balaam?  Who's he?

Pictured here you see Rembrant's classic painting of God's Angel confronting Balaam as he rode his donkey.  His donkey saw the Angel but Balaam could not.

Long story about what happened but bottom line --

Balaam was an Old Testament Prophet who talked with God -- 

but he did not always obey God and he did things that were wrong -- so wrong that he ultimately led God's people astray.

Sadly, things that Balaam did are being repeated today in the Christian Church.

Therefore, the warnings given in the Old Testament regarding Balaam's errors are worth heeding today.

This very brief but important article explains what Balaam's errors were, alerts us that they are occurring once again in history, and explains what should be done.