Friday, July 27, 2012

What did the early Christians believe about Hell

Yesterday we saw a spoof about cell phones in a Church and if you don't turn them off, you will go to Hell.

Well, that is NOT what will send a person to Hell, of course.

But since the topic of Hell has come up --- Let's think about it in today's DIT.

You have probably wondered about Hell. Likely you have even discussed this topic with others.

It is a 'hot' topic (pun intended) and one which does need to be correctly understood.


Because, those who do not go to Heaven WILL spend eternity in Hell.

So what exactly is Hell? What will it be like?  

This is what folks are discussing or thinking about.

Today, there are almost as many 'views' about Hell as there are people considering it. And most of these 'views' are wrong.

So wrong, in fact, that, today, the concept of Hell has been so watered down (but alas there is no water in Hell) that it is no longer 'scary' or something to be feared.

But, what did the early Christians and Church Fathers believe about Hell?  Knowing what they believed and taught will perhaps help bring us back to the correct understanding of Hell.

To read an interesting and important summary of the teachings of many of the prominent Church fathers, HERE'S THE LINK