Sunday, March 4, 2012

Complex cells could not evolve from bacteria

Hmmm.  This should give the evolutionists pause.

But, as usual, it doesn't.  They think they have a workaround, but they don't.

Wonder what this is all about?

Well, it seems that a study published in the journal, Nature, has "found that the total energy required to process eukaryotic DNA is far more than any bacterial system can produce. They therefore maintained that "mitochondria are prerequisite to [eukaryote] complexity."

But, rather than follow this to the logical conclusion that such a finding speaks against evolution, the scientists, have an 'idea' that they think might explain a way around the problem.

What is their 'idea' and does it really hold water?

Well, this brief article explains the possible 'work around' and why it really doesn't work. HERE'S THE LINK.