Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Saturday and that means Football

Everyone has their favorite college football team and watches the 'big' game on Saturday during football season.

Well, if you don't live on Mars you do.

At least most folks do, especially in the SEC.

Last week a BIG game, that probably most of America watched, was seriously impacted by the Kicking Game.

I am speaking, of course, of the LSU vs Alabama game which, as the Alabama fans are likely still lamenting, was largely lost due to the missing of several field goals!

Well, while that game was being watched by millions of folks, there was another game being played in which the kicking game was also very important and interesting, not because of possible National Championship implications, but because of a very unusual 'storybook' situation.

To what am I referring? you ask.

Well, it seems that …


rather than spoiling the story for you, how about reading and seeing it as reported on website.  HERE'S THE LINK