Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going to school as a robot

There was an interesting news report on the radio this evening.

And. assuming that you would be interested also, I googled' to see if there was anything about this on the internet.

And, of course, there is.

So what is it?

Well, the radio report I heard said there is a high school student in Colorado who can't go to school because of an allergy.

But, she is still attending school daily anyway.


Now that is where it gets really interesting.

She is attending as a robot as her avatar.

To read more about her very interesting situation, HERE'S THE LINK

And she is not the only one doing this.  There is a boy in Texas who is also using the VGO robot to attend school. 

To read about his experience and to see a 2 min 53 second video that actually shows the video in action and how it works, HERE'S THE LINK

And if you would like to know more details and facts about the VGO itself (can you call a robot avatar an 'itself'?) hmmmmm?, anyway, HERE'S THE LINK