Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fossil of a 350 Million year old shrimp ?

Those with the 'evolutionary glasses' / worldview have made another startling "find' and pronouncement.

What is it?

Well, a fossilized shrimp has been found.

It still has some of its color and some of its muscles seem to still be discernable.

Additionally, its structural appearance does not seem different from shrimp today.

Of course, these findings are all very odd -- if you believe in evolution with its myriad of changes that are said to occur over time.

So, what about evolution?  Why weren't there a zillion shrimp changes from 350 million years ago till now?

Maybe it is not 250 million years old after all.

Perhaps the 'old earthers' should take a second look and consider the possibility that it is considerably younger and might actually be a fossil that was formed by Noah's Flood.

You think?

Anyway, to read about this 'oldest known' shrimp, HERE'S THE LINK