Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Christopher Update

Today (Monday) and Tomorrow (Tuesday) are verrrrrry important dates in the life of Baby Christopher, his family, and his dad!

Those of you who have visited this site for the past year and a half are likely aware of Baby Christopher who had a Heart Transplant shortly after birth.

It is a long story and if you have not heard about this or would like to refresh yourself on the details, then you might want to check out the DITs for the following dates:

Sunday, Dec. 27, 2009
Sunday, Jan 17, 2010
Tues Sept 21, 2010
Thursday  Oct 21,  2010
Monday Nov 15, 2010
Anyway, the reason we are posting this DIT today is because you will want to know this realllllly great news.

What is it? you ask.

Well, you will be thrilled to know that today, Monday Sept 26, 2011 both Baby Christopher and his Dad are being admitted to the hospital in Portland.

Why is that good news?

Because, at long last, the Docs have decided that now is the time for the long awaited Renal Transplant.

Why is the dad also being admitted to the hospital?

Well, as you probably suspected when you read about his hospital admission, yes, he is going to be the donor of the Kidney for Baby Christopher.

So we are posting this DIT today to bring you up to speed on what is going on AND to ask you to pray for the 2 Surgeries which will be performed on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The dad will have surgery to remove one of his kidneys and Baby Christopher will have surgery to have that kidney implanted into his little body.

Please pray that both will do well, that Christopher's body will accept the kidney and it will work, and that he will be able to go off dialysis and begin to be a normal little boy!

Thank you.