Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new reason / excuse to eat Chocolate?

 Ok all you ‘chocholateoholics’ out there.  I know you have been waiting for this.

It seems that soon you can have a medical ‘reason’ (aka excuse) to ingest your chocolate.

Not yet but possibly soon.

It seems that there is a new ‘Chocolate cough remedy in sight.’

I kid you not.

It is not here yet but is ‘promised’ to be coming soon.

But, alas, while you await this new medicine, I guess you will just have to continue to enjoy your Chocolate in the usual ways (hot chocolate, candy bars, cakes, etc).

A relative, who has a cough and is a ‘chocholateoholic’, found this article telling about the discovery. I am sure she is eagerly awaiting the new remedy. HERE’S THE LINK.