Monday, December 6, 2010

Good, Very Good, And Not Good

Recently, while reading a Christian magazine, I came across several statements that led me to believe that though the writer did believe in a literal 6 Days Creation, he did not believe that it occurred recently and he did not believe that everything was ‘good’ at the time of creation as the Bible states.

Rather, the writer stated, and this is not a direct quote, that he believed that when the Garden of Eden was created, yes, it was perfect, but everything outside of it was not!

And that area outside the Garden of Eden, of course, consisted of the rest of the earth and the entire universe.

Those areas outside the Garden of Eden, therefore, according to this ‘theory’, were not perfect.  He said that there were imperfect (not good) things in them including the Devil and his fallen angels.

The only place where things were perfect (good) was in the Garden of Eden!

Wow, I had not heard THAT before!

This is not the usual ‘Day Age’ Theory or even the usual ‘Gap’ Theory but is a variation and a close cousin to both.

However, according to the Bible, this unusual theory as well as the Day Age and the Gap theories “does not compute”.

For a brief explanation why they “do not compute”, HERE’S A LINK.