Wednesday, February 10, 2010

90 Minutes in Heaven

This is an excellent book written by Dan Piper. I read the book awhile back but had forgotten about it until recently when I got an email from a friend who had ‘read’ it. Well, actually she listened to it as an audio book since she is now having vision problems. You know how it is when you get ‘old’.

Anyway, her book review is so succinct, that I decided to just cut and paste it so you could get her take on it.

So, here is what my friend said about this book:

“I recently "read" a book you might enjoy. I get them on tape, so miss all the pictures. Anyway, the name of it was 90 Minutes in Heaven by a Texas Baptist minister who's name, I believe, is Dan Piper. When he wrote this he was minister at a Pasadena, TX, church that had 10,000 members.

“He'd gone to a Baptist conference and on the way home was crossing a bridge when an 18 wheeler ran over his car. The medical people said he was dead, covered him with a tarp, and sent away the ambulances.

“90 minutes later another minister came by and went to see what had happened. He got as close as he could to him and prayed for him a lot, then he discovered that he was alive and told the rescue people, who said that he wasn't, but it turned out that he was and he wrote all the things he'd seen when he was out for this 90 minutes. It also talks about all his rehab .... He and one of his children had also graduated from LSU. It was an interesting book.”

Well, there you have it, the ‘book review’ by my friend. She is a graduate of LSU, which is why she picked up on his education and that of one of his children.

And, Yes, she is so right. This is an interesting book and she and I highly recommend it to you. The experiences which he recounts during his 90 minutes in heaven are very interesting, believable, and encouraging.