Friday, January 3, 2020

Spurgeon's Morning and Evening

As the New Year begins, many are contemplating New Year Resolutions --

One of those Resolutions likely includes something like "to Get closer to God and do daily meditations"

The click through today will help you do that.

What is it? you ask.

Well, there is a classic book of Daily Devotions / Meditations that will be of great assistance in your resolution.

It is titled "Morning and Evening"

and was written by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, pictured here.

He was a British Preacher who lived from 1834 to 1892.

But back to the thought of Daily Devotions and New Year's Resolutions --

As we mentioned --One of his most helpful books was a book of devotions titled Morning and Evening.

You can put it on your smart phone or tablet

Or you can buy it in book form

Or you can go to a free website that provides the daily devotions. That is today's click through.

Either way, this is a wonderful way to add to your daily devotional time.

So with that said,

HERE'S THE LNK TO Spurgeon's Morning and Evening