Sunday, April 14, 2019

Today is Palm Sunday

This picture of Christ entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday was posted on Wikipedia by the Brooklyn Museum and is in the Public Domain in its country of origin and in the USA.

Today begins the Week in which the final events in the earthly life of Jesus Christ occurred.

These events began with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday,

followed a few days later with His death on the cross

and 3 days after that by His resurrection back to life on what is now celebrated as Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

His Death paid the death penalty for everyone (because everyone is a sinner -- and the penalty for sin is death).

His resurrection proved that Jesus is indeed God and His substitution death for sinners was valid.

Every person who accepts the Lord God Jesus' Christ's gift of salvation through His substitutionary death will escape eternity in hell and will spend eternity living in heaven.

The link today is the famous telling of an illustrative story told by Paul Harvey -- which in a simple but profound way illustrates what Jesus' death provides for those who accept His gift of freedom from the  death that they would otherwise experience.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Paul Harvey  "An Easter Story"