Sunday, December 31, 2017

sunday dec 31/17 Hymn: When I survey the Wondrous Cross

In the Old Testament, the Jewish Feast Day of Atonement was observed annually  by the sacrifice of a Lamb.

That sacrifice was for the purpose of atoning for the sins of the people.

But an annual lamb sacrifice was unable to provide a complete and total forever sacrifice -- rather it was a picture of the coming one time for all perfect sacrifice --

and that was the sacrifice of the Lord God Jesus Christ, who came to earth to become the perfect sinless Lamb of God.

Jesus died on Calvary, as the Lamb of God -- the final perfect atoning sacrifice.

Why did Jesus die?

He died to pay the required death penalty for sins of all mankind forever --

Today's Hymn tells what this accomplished, why, and how we should individually respond.

HERE'S THE LINK to When I survey the Wondrous Cross