Friday, February 19, 2016

How Long is a Billion years

The term 'Billions' is bandied about in many circles today.

Financially, we speak of Billions of Dollars as if it were no big deal.  Trillions is now becoming the 'big thing' concerning money.

Billions is also used when speaking of time.  And in that sense it is even more difficult to grasp (or as folks say today "wrap one's mind around")

We are now told that the world is 4.67 billion years old -- and that the Big Bang occurred 14 billion years ago.

Interestingly, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term 'billion' wasn't even formed until the 16th century. 

This brief article from ICR explains what is involved when such terms as 'billions and billions of years' are bandied about.

HERE'S THE LINK to How long is a Billion years.