Thursday, January 8, 2015

Flying is one thing but landings are tricky

 Model planes have come a lonnnnng way.

True Story:

Years ago my two brothers (not Wilbur and Orville) decided to build and fly a small model plane.

They worked and worked and finally had a beautiful little gas powered model airplane.

Excitedly they took it outside, fired up the little gasoline engine, and launched it.

Up up and away it went --

over the trees in the next yard and out of sight.

It was never seen again.

So much for their model airplane experience.

But times have changed.  My how they have changed.

Now model planes are almost life size and are launched at real airports.

A Ham friend of ours is apparently into this model airplane adventure.  Hopefully he will see this video.

So with that by way of introduction, check out the Model Airplanes of the 21st century.