Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giraffe-Necked Weevil

What is that? you say.

Well, it is a most unusual weevil.

It is pictured here (photograph by Axel StrauB in a Wikipedia article).

This weevil is unusual in many ways in that --

It has a neck that resembles a giraffe --

It lives in only one place in the world (Madagascar) --

It lives in only one species of tree (the "giraffe beetle tree" aka Dichaetanthera arborea) --

it lays only one egg and this is deposited in the middle of a leaf that the mother  giraffe beetle had rolled into a cigar shape.

Wow, whew.  Imagine all that !!!

The question is (as stated in a Creation Research Society article)

"How did the giraffe (weevil) beetle know to select this particular tree and from where did this insect get the ability to lay just one egg and the wisdom to care for it so tenderly?"

Good question.

Do you think this all happened by chance???

To learn more about this amazing weevil

HERE'S THE LINK to the Girafe Necked Weevil