Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Ice Age -- (DIT for Tues, Weds, Thursday)


 The Christmas Holiday season is upon us, the weather has turned cold, and once again folks are trying to stay warm as they are out and about shopping, working, and traveling.

But as cold as it may or may not be in your neck of the woods, it is nothing like the cold and its duration in the Ice Age.

You have probably been told in school that there were many Ice ages.

But, actually there was only one!


How can that be? you ask.

Well, you can purchase a video by Michael Oard that tells all about it from Answers in Genesis


you can watch it on your computer for FREE.

(I love Free).

It is 63 minutes in length and has been divided into 3 parts

We think you really should see this video and because of that, Today, Tomorrow, and the next day will be this one DIT.

You can watch all 3 parts in one day -- or watch one part each day until you have seen it all and have the big picture and the true story about the one and only Ice Age.

You will find this very interesting and informative. Be sure to watch it.

So with that said --

HERE'S THE LINK to The Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains it

And, by the way, the Book pictured here was written by Michael Oard.  You might want to get it as a gift for a child or grandchild for Christmas (but be sure to read it first as it is great for Adults also)